Streetscape Applications

Melocco offer a wide range of Dimension Stone for all different types of landscaping applications. Granite, Bluestone and Sandstone are all recommended for landscaping use in many different ways.

Granite, because of it's strength, can be used for almost any hard wearing application. Melocco offer granite steps, pier caps, kerbs, benches and bollards.

Granite Capping

Granite steps

Granite Lineal Capping

Granite Steps

Pier Caps Granite



Granite Pier Caps


Bluestone can be used for retaining walls, sea walls, steps, kerbs and pavers which are all extremely hard wearing and have low maintenance



Bluestone Pitched Walling

Bluestone Steps

Bluestone Kerb



Bluestone Kerbing & Capping


Sandstone is used in landscaping in almost any form possible. Because it is so easy to work the list of things you can do with sandstone is up to the imagination. Regular uses for Sandstone in Landscaping are pool surrounds, retaining walls, paving, feature walling, barbecue settings, benches, tables, piers, fence posts, letter boxes, the list goes on and on.



Sandstone Capping
& Rockfaced Walling

Streetscape feature



Somersby Sandstone Letterbox